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FutuReady Educators

ExperienTrail for Educators

ExperienTrail for Educators

Certificate in Design & Facilitation ExperienTrail Learning (Team Building & Leadership) 

Educators will learn the skills, knowledge, and dispositions central to experiential education and are provided with “in class” and “out of class” opportunities to design lesson plans, prepare presentations, and engage in activities that have direct, transferable relevance. The course includes direct teaching; collaboration; co-negotiation; facilitating; mentoring; self-, peer-, and instructor development-oriented assessment; leadership opportunities; and coaching.


This 3 Days Workshop integrate experiential learning pedagogy into their adventure or classroom practices and for “seasoned” practitioners to hone and advance their work.


This include:
• Design & Facilitate a Team Building workshop
• Improve your understanding of team dynamics, learning & personalities
• Acquire facilitation skills for team learning
• Use Experiential Learning (EL) methods in creating great teams

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