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A Synergy of Energies

A Synergy of Energies

The 3rd BYTES@CAMPUS held on Wednesday, 12 December 2012, at *SCAPE Orchard HubQuarters on 4, succeeded in garnering support and attention towards the importance of accepting diversity and contributing back to the community as a respected member of society.

Gracing the event as the Guest-of-Honour was Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC, Ms. Tin Pei Ling; Mr. Edward Chia, Managing Director of home-grown brand Timbre Group; as well as Mr. Faris Abdulkadir Basharahil, Chief Executive for Social Creatives, all of whom shared their ideas and experiences regarding the central topic of “Growing Up from Education to Employment to Entrepreneurship” with 208 attending youths.

Guest-of-Honour, Ms. Tin, opened DIALOGUE.121212 by addressing the overall landscape of today’s society and acknowledged that education is a propelling force to greater heights. While her opening speech focused on education being an element which cannot be separated from the national or collective interest, Ms. Tin believes in the autonomy of choices and that education should be a gateway rather than a restricting factor as “something new is always on the horizon”. Ms Tin also encourages the youth to embark on the road less travelled and venture into frontiers that nobody has attempted before.

The discussion also had Mr. Edward Chia re-emphasizing on how important education is as there are benefits to which one can later apply in their future endeavours. Although it is crucial to go through one’s education, he urged youths not to “just study for the sake of studying”. “

Absorb it and see how you can apply it to real life, because at the end of the day, that is the most important thing”, Mr. Chia asserts.

Humility was brought up as a key agent in being successful. “Regardless of which era we are in, I think people appreciate and value humility. Humility will serve us well because that means we won’t get complacent and continue to learn new things to be updated. But also, at the same time, don’t defeat yourself”, Ms. Tin said.

Aware that youth faces the prejudice of being inexperienced, Ms. Tin also encourages the youths to view it positively and translates it as a drive to upgrade and develop themselves. “Have the confidence to show people that young people have what it takes to succeed and do what we intend to do. Together we can do it responsibly and we can prove to other people that we as young persons are indeed the masters of tomorrow”, she said. Mr. Faris complemented her statement by reminding the youth that “challenges will always be challenges but it’s more about enjoying the obstacles and being surrounded by people who give you encouragement”.

In closing, Organising Chairman, CEO of Agape Group Holdings, Mr. Delane Lim kept in the mind the group of less fortunate individuals. Expressing his heartfelt thoughts to the youth, he said “It’s a blessing to give than to receive. But I want to add on by saying that it is a privilege to be able to give and to be in the capacity to give to the underprivileged. So I want to challenge all of you today to decide how you want to give. It’s not about how much you give but how you give. It is not the art of giving but the heart of giving.” To reinforce upon the attitude of giving with a cheerful heart and right intentions behind GIVE.121212, Mr. Lim closed his speech by reminding the youth “give not what you are left with but give with all that you have”.

Mr Delane Lim and Ms Tin Pei Ling also unveiled the theme of “Be Local Be Global” for AG-SIM 5th International Youth Leaders Summit 2013 and presented the letter of appointments to six student executive committee members of next year’s summit.