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A Treasure Chest for Living

A Treasure Chest for Living

The 4th installment of BYTES@CAMPUS will be held on Saturday, 2 February 2013, from 3.30pm – 5.30pm at *SCAPE Orchard Warehouse. BYTES@CAMPUS initiatives, supported by the National Integration Council will continue to promote character building and skills equipping among both the local & foreign youth leaders with the necessary life skills to brave tomorrow and to contribute back to the society.

Gracing the event is Guest-of-Honour, GPC Chairman for Education and MP for Mountbatten SMC, Mr. Lim Biow Chuan. Mr. Lim will deliver the opening address and participate in the forum panel discussion on the topic “Character & Youth Leadership in Singapore – Our Home, Heart & Hope”. The discussion will touch on the inter-relationship between character building and leadership and their direct impact on youth leaders. Mr. Lim will also share his insights on how international youths can partake in contributing to our community and the current resources available to both local and international youth leaders.

In celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities and in line with BYTES@CAMPUS’s tradition of encouraging cohesion between Singapore Youths and their foreign counterparts, Project ICY (Impact to the Community by Youth) will take place prior to the forum. A total of 130 Youths from 4 different private education institutions– SIM Global Education, PSB Academy, TMC Academy and LaSalle – will organize team bonding games, food hampers distribution to the less fortunate and home visits and interactions with elderly residents as well as the athletes from Special Olympics.

Acknowledging that leadership consists not only degrees of technique but also in traits of character, AGAPE Group Holdings will be launching the Character and Leadership Academy. A newly set up subsidiary managed by Agape Group Holdings, the academy seeks to engage, empower and equip the youth of today with the essential personal development, leadership skills as well as the appropriate character traits. The academy aims to reach out to 50,0000 local and global youths by 2020, AGAPE Group Holdings will be working closely with schools, local and global youths organizations. This initiative will see interaction between youth leaders from Singapore as well as youth leaders from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa and Hong Kong. The academy will focus on character and leadership skills education, tailored to motivate as well as facilitate the achieving of greater self and society growth.

The academy under the management of Agape Group Holdings, believes that no teens should be disadvantaged by life circumstances and will be providing complimentary training and services for non-profit charity organizations such as Special Olympics and Community Welfare Youth Homes.

Considering how the way we mould our youths today could shape our future, it is important to inculcate the understanding in youths that being a leader is not to be something, but to be someone. The traits and values that make up the character of a leader are, for the most part, similar to those that make up the character of an outstanding citizen.

“The capacity to build relationships which relates to trust, respect and benevolence, is a very important attribute that affects one’s leadership quality. A good leader should possess both capabilities, as well as a soft touch when dealing with matters. It is not enough to have the “smarts” one must have the “heart” as well,” says Mr. Delane Lim, Academy Founder & Chief Executive for Agape Group Holdings.