Futuready Asia | A Youth Leadership Camp with a Twist
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A Youth Leadership Camp with a Twist

A Youth Leadership Camp with a Twist

Over 40 youths from different backgrounds kick-­?started their June holidays with a youth leadership camp vastly different from your normal school-­?holiday camp fare. The youths taking part came from ITE College East, Loyang Secondary School, Hwa Chong International  School,  Dunman  High  School  and  SIM  Global  Education,  and  were  aged between 15 to 20.

Unlike standard holiday camps, the Youth Leaders Apprenticeship Programme had youths start-­?off the three-­?day camp in the wilderness of Pulau Ubin. Prior to the YLAP, over 150 students taken part in The Resilience Walk, travel by foot and cover 120KM over 3 nights. The camp with a twist was aimed to develop the leadership capabilities of the youth, and also instill them with the right values and ethics. Moving with times, future leaders of Singapore will also need to grapple with the ever-­?changing demographics of Singapore. To cater to this new challenge, the camp was also focused on getting the youths more attuned and  accustomed to  work  with  and  lead  their  peers  regardless of  their  nationalities  or backgrounds.


The Youth Leaders Apprenticeship Programme, combines two training programmes – The Student Leadership Challenge, and Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics – to give a holistic enrichment experience for the youth.

Throughout their three-­?day experience, the youths were engaged in activities which challenged them to better themselves as leaders. The Student Leadership Challenge used a five-­?prong approach to give the youths a better idea of what qualities a good leader had to have. The five approaches are namely: Setting themselves as positive role models; Inspiring and sharing a vision; Challenging the processes and learning from mistakes; Fostering collaboration and strengthening others; Recognizing the contributions of others and celebrating victories together.

Aside from equipping the students with the necessary traits to be a leader, the Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics programme also imbued the students with the mindset that as they lead others, they have to be also mindful of their environment and to ensure that whatever they do must be environmentally sustainable.

The camp  is  co-­?organised   by  Agape  Group  Holdings  and  Halogen  Foundation Singapore. On the reason behind holding such a camp, Agape Group Holdings Founder & Group CEO, Mr Delane Lim, said, “As Singapore grows and mature as a society, next-­? generation leaders cannot rely solely on their intellect and personal accolades to lead. They need to learn how to inspire others into action. Our youth leaders today at the camp will discover the importance of working as a team together. We put youths of different cultures and backgrounds together to work towards a common goal, encouraging them to trust each other and developing positive qualities such as mutual understanding, teamwork, open-­? mindedness and inclusiveness. I believe this will better prepare them as world-­?ready leaders for the increasingly global community“.

Testament to the effectiveness of the camp to bond youths of different backgrounds and get them to work well together, Malaysian camp participant Yap Pui Min, from Hwa Chong International School had this to say -­?   “This camp has helped me to discover my potential to lead and helped point out areas for improvement. At the same time, with all the fun and laughter with everyone, we didn’t really care about who was a local or who was a foreigner. We all spoke, ate and joked like one big happy family without borders. I am grateful that I have made many new friends from the different schools”.

ITE College East student Muhammad Rian shared, “I have never been through such a leadership camp where different institutions come together, learn, have fun, and lead together. More importantly it taught us to recognise the importance of making friends not just with my own countrymen but also others from the different countries. I learnt much from them and I’m looking forward to attend the international youth leaders’ summit as well as the National Young Leaders Day for more meaningful fun and friendship-­?making beyond just my school.”

Response for the camp had been overwhelming and Agape Group Holdings will be holding the Youth Leaders Apprenticeship programme again in November this year and June next year.

Youth Leaders, Tri Fitriliana Bte Johari and Sylvia Chen Lixia, who demonstrated exemplary leadership and positive attitude were also awarded with a fully-­?sponsored learning  trip by  Agape  Group  Holdings to  represent  Singapore  in  the  upcoming  Youth Leaders’ Summit Delegation Team to Hong Kong from 24th to 28th July.