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About FutuReady Asia

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”

– Aristotle

FutuReady Asia hopes to be a catalyst for action inspiring youth to make decisions and implement plans to improve their quality of life. With its sight set on imparting relevant skills to the next generation, FutuReady Asia engages all stakeholders, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or interests. Specialising in youth and human capital development, FutuReady Asia hopes to encapsulate character and values into customised programs to nurture and embrace lives.

Vision: Forward-Thinkers Today, Learners-in-Action Tomorrow

Mission: Educating, Equipping & Empowering Lives for a Better Future

Key Values:

Lionel Paul Dorai

Chief Executive

Delane Lim

Founder and Mentor

Ang Teck Wei

Senior Manager, Operations

TEO Jing (TJ)

Head, Training & Standards

Mursalina Ismail (Lina)

Head, Manpower

Nick Chan

Training Executive

Amalina Rozman (Ama)


Erika Sng


Harriet Turk

She has worked as a probation officer, youth programs coordinator, flight attendant, pharmaceutical sales rep, college-level instructor, and nationally-known professional speaker, trainer, and consultant. Harriet is also a mom, friend sister, and daughter. When she was a teen, Harriet struggled with her own identity crisis. She fell into the trap of feeling like she had to be perfect. This led to an eating disorder that took years to overcome.

Nathaniel Peat

Peat, who holds a bachelor of engineering degree with honors and a master of science degree in advanced manufacturing systems from Brunei University, is the CEO and chief engineer of Gennex Elite, which he started threes years ago from the Virgin media Pioneer platform, an online community of enterprising people who use videos and blogging to share their ideas and experiences.

Jeff Yalden

Jeff Yalden overcame incredible odds to become the man he is today. As a teenager, he lost interest in life, in school, in himself. He took the SATs twice and received very low scores. Worse, Jeff suffered from a stutter, a facial tic, bad acne, and a learning disability. His self-esteem in the gutter, Jeff graduated high school 128th in a class on 133.

– Under Construction –

Your Safety, Our Priority

Safety Above All Else

In line with the recent emphasisby the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower on the Safety and Risk Assessment in the conduct of outdoor activities, FutuReady Asia Safety and Health Committee is set up to oversee and ensure all leadership programmes conducted by our trainers are certified safe and proper risk management and safety plans are well coordinated and adhered to minimize any possible risk to the most acceptable level at all times.

Risk Assessment & Management System

FutuReady Asia is currently the only education organization in Singapore to that is professionally equipped with Enhanced Risk Management System for stakeholders to reduce, review and react to any possible risks in our training programme.

Response & Communications System

FutuReady Asia is professionally equipped with a comprehensive island-wide medical & evacuation system to react to any emergency. Together with wide-area communication devices powered by GRID systems, Agape always ensure prompt response and up-to-date information to all our stakeholders.

Tobacco Free Learning Pledge

FutuReady Asia promotes a Tobacco Free learning environment to ensure that all staff trainers and facilitators are non-smokers so as to lead by example as a role model for younger leaders to emulate responsible and healthy living habits.

Professional Medical Support by Raffles Medical Group

Together with the professional medical care and guidance of Raffles Medical Group, we ensure that all our principal trainers are proficient and certified in first aid and CPR to react promptly to any emergency, with the health and safety of the students as our top and foremost priority.

Should any accidents or near-miss take place during our programme, an investigation team from this committee will be instituted to look into the matter fairly and appropriately. Any injured participants will be medically treated at any of our Raffles Medical Centres to ensure world class medical attention standard. Our participants will be medically covered by accident insurance prior to our programme.

Qualified First-Aid & Incident Response Team

We have a current active strength of 25 Trainers. Also, we have trained and certified a total of 16 First Aiders certified by Raffles Medical Group & 9 In-house Assessors for Risk Assessment Management & 16 ACTA WSQ Trainers.

Most overseas school trips to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong will be accompanied by a professional medical team whenever applicable.

For Continuous Improvements & Maximum Engagement

Professional Development & Skills upgrading is critical and necessary to ensure the quality of our trainers and staff team. Careful selection of deployment of staff ensures the safety and quality deliverables in every of our projects awarded to us. As such, continuous improvement and upgrading courses are made available for trainers to embark their journey of learning and relearning. The executive management committee has hence set up various specialized Focus Group Committees, committed to formulating, managing and supervising each different function.

Project FutuReady: Love Indonesia

Project FutuReady Love Indonesia is a 4-year project since 2009, directed by Mr. Delane Lim to provide direct assistance to low income orphanages and schools by providing opportunity for Singapore Youth Leaders to assist the organisation in basic maintenance work.

Stakeholders and members of the public also contribute donations and resources along with the set up and administration of a central funding for sustainable building works and food supplies.

Youth Leaders Summit Committee

Youth Leaders Summit Organizing Committee was initiated by Mr. Delane Lim in 2009. The committee will be responsible for organizing at least 1 Local and/or International Leadership Conference annually.

The aim for organizing this event is to create a platform for youth leaders all over Singapore & countries world-wide to congregate, learn and network with other leaders from other international schools.

Safety & Health Committee

With the recent emphasis by Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower on the Safety & Risk Assessment in conduct of outdoor activities, the committee is set up to ensure that all programmes conducted by our trainers are safe and of minimal risk, and all our participants are comprehensively covered under accident insurance and are attended to by world-class professional medical care.

Training Committee

Training, Promotions & Awards Committee is responsible to promote and ensure the adoption of fair, responsible and merit-based employment practices so as to enable our staff and trainers to realize their full potential and help them achieve personal excellence in their respective job area.

Besides being responsible for the formulation of performance bonus and route of career advancement for all our employees based on fair employment practices, the committee is also responsible to develop a reward and recognition policy to recognize the effort of our industry partners in the travel, hotel and training industry.

Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee is responsible to ensure our staff and trainers adhere to the code of ethics and uphold the professionalism of the training profession.

The committee is responsible to conduct briefing, training and provide standing instructions to every staff / trainer on the regulation and guidelines pertaining to safety, attire, and professional ethics as well as performance standards in consultation with Senior Executive Leadership.

Staff Welfare Committee

Staff Welfare Committee is responsible to promote cohesive working and training environment for our staff and trainers. The committee is responsible to organize staff well-being activities to promote friendship, professionalism and comradeship among staff. A bi-annual staff dinner/luncheon will be organized by the committee.

Under the committee, Head of Muslim Affairs and Head of Woman Affairs officers are responsible to ensure that the concerns of the respective demographic group are being addressed.

Let’s build their future together.