Futuready Asia | Engagement. Determination. Goals. Empowerment. What’s Up after ITE?
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Engagement. Determination. Goals. Empowerment. What’s Up after ITE?

Engagement. Determination. Goals. Empowerment. What’s Up after ITE?

Over 1000 youths from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College Central would have completed the E.D.G.E Camp programme on Friday, 23rd of May 2014. Every student joining ITE College Central will take part in this camp, aimed at developing them into holistic young adult with skills, confidence and self-empowering life skills. The closing ceremony of this year’s edition will take place from 1000 a.m. at ITE College central with Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Transport as the Guest-of-Honor. Members of the media are invited to cover the ceremony.

Coming together, rising together, forging priceless friendships with one another

The aim of the E.D.G.E Camp is to imbue ITE students with the knowledge and confidence to conquer challenges presented to them, as well as to provide a support network of friends that will support one another as they journey through ITE and into society upon graduation. Conducted by Agape Group Holdings, the camp allows ITE lecturers and facilitators, to interact with the camp participants beyond the classroom setting so as to build rapport and trust with and between students. Every camp participant is allowed to open up on challenges they face, be it personal or academic, during the one-on-one interviews conducted during the camp. Besides providing counseling, facilitators would provide practical assistance in the form of interventions, such as helping a student to write an appeal to the MP for help on behalf of their family facing financial constraints.

Teambuilding and Teambonding! Setting achievable goals for the future!

This year’s E.D.G.E Camp will see 35 Best Campers being honored at the awards ceremony, a fitting culmination of the events that took place over the two-day programme which saw students tackle and overcome tough issues such as lower self-esteem, family and financial problems, as well as discrimination by some of their peers. The awardees will be selected based on exemplary behavior promoting positive character values and traits. Special Commendation will be given to the top four campers.

Learning through Adventure – Lending a helping hand and overcoming obstacles at the Poker Maze obstacle course

The highlight of the morning’s event will be a panel discussion on “WhatsUP after ITE”. Chairing the discussion will be Assoc. Prof. Faishal Ibrahim and Mr. Delane Lim, CEO Agape Group Holdings. Joining the discussion will be two J-Team Artiste Wei Liang (aka Lobang King) and Maxi (Wayang King). They will be touching on points such as pursuing one’s passion, success beyond academic qualifications and the importance of personal character, value system and vision.

On the rationale behind organizing the panel discussion, Mr. Delane Lim  Lsaid, “We have conducted over 150 E.D.G.E camps across 3 ITE campuses since 2011. From our mandatory interviews with over 6000 students, we’ve noticed that ITE students are inclined to look to a Poly education as a de facto step to success in life. While we encourage and admire the students’ drive to eventually further their education in a Polytechnic, we want to highlight to them that academic qualifications need not be the end-all solution to success.” AGAPE Group Holdings and our ITE partners recognizes that this is a pressing mindset that needs changing as the number of students who expressed that they “badly desire to go to a Polytechnic, regardless of whichever course they end up in” is on the rise.

Assoc. Professor Faishal added, “I am looking forward to the discussion with the students and wishes to share with them that there have been many successful ITE graduates. Not everybody has to advance to a Polytechnic education, and not everybody has to go immediately. Singapore needs technically skilled workers and ITE graduates have an equally important role to play in Singapore’s future.”

The E.D.G.E Camp series was conceptualized with the belief that every ITE camper is naturally talented in some way or another; but sometimes, some talents cannot be directly transferrable to measurable grades or that the students are unable to develop their talents because of family or personal problems. It is conducted with the intention to discover hidden potential and talents of the students and allows ITE lecturers to have a chance to get closer to students and help develop them more holistically. Mr. Delane Lim said, “I believe the Ministry has exciting plans in the pipeline for ITE graduates, but before that, we take it upon ourselves to drill it into ITE students that everyone have something valuable to contribute and there are people out there who will recognize them for their talents and help develop it.”