Futuready Asia | Giving our Students an “Edge” for their Future
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Giving our Students an “Edge” for their Future

Giving our Students an “Edge” for their Future

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is a melting pot for students of diverse backgrounds, talents and individual ability. To develop students into confident and capable young working adults upon their graduation, the ITE College East conducts a two-day EDGE Camp (Engagement, Determination, Goals, Empowerment) for every student who joins ITE College East. EDGE Camp 2013 is the fourth year that College East is conducting the Camp, and its aim is to develop ITE students into holistic young adults with an edge – skilled, confident and empowered for life. The closing ceremony for this year’s edition will take place on Thursday, 25 April 2013 from 1045 a.m. at ITE College East with Mr. Lim Biow Chuan, GPC Chairman for the Ministry of Education as the Guest-of-Honour. Members of the media are invited to cover the Ceremony (see Annex A for programme).

Guest-of-Honour, Mr. Lim Biow Chuan together with fellow staff, educators and valued partners of ITE

The EDGE Camp was conceptualised to imbue in ITE students with the confidence to face and take on challenges presented to them. Its aim is also to provide students with a network of friends that will support one another as they journey through ITE and into society upon graduation. The awards ceremony is therefore the culmination of events that have taken place over the two-day EDGE Camp during which students are challenged to face and overcome issues like self-esteem, family/financial problems, and peer influence.

Conducted by Agape Group Holdings, in conjunction with ITE College East, the camp allows ITE lecturers and facilitators, to interact with the camp participants beyond the classroom setting so as to build rapport and trust with and between students. Beyond trust building, the programme allows students to open up on challenges they face be it personal or academic. Besides providing counseling, facilitators would provide practical assistance in the form of interventions, such as helping a student to write an appeal to the MP for help on behalf of their family facing financial constraints.

A memorable moment with the Guest-of-Honour and youths of ITE

The EDGE Camp series is the creation and initiative of ITE College East. ITE College East Principal Mr. Eden Liew shares, “Our students are all very passionate and raring to show what they can do. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, they may not have the chance to shine as brightly as they are capable of. This is why an initiative like the EDGE Camp was conceptualised and conducted with the intention to discover hidden potential and talents. It allows our lecturers a chance to get closer to our students and help develop them more holistically. I am heartened to note that our teachers went above and beyond their call-of-duty as educators to help many of our students overcome personal obstacles. I believe the efforts put in by our lecturers and Agape Facilitators in improving the lives of their students will have a deep and long-lasting positive effect on both the lecturer and student and this may be something that cannot be found in books or technical manuals.

Presenting a token of appreciation

Founder & CEO of Agape Group Mr. Delane Lim added, “I think everyone is naturally talented some way or another; but sometimes, some talents cannot be translated into measurable grades or they are unable to develop their talents because of personal issues or family circumstances. I think this is a huge pity for youngsters who have great gifts. This series was conceptualised to let them know that they have something valuable to contribute and I want to tell them that there are people out there who will recognise them for their talents and are willing to help them develop it.”