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“Spread Love, Not Germs

Video Done By: Successpedia Asia

Character and Leadership Academy, Futuready Asia, together with Innotrek, rarely do competitors come together but during this period, what better way to show solidarity than to spare a thought for those who might need help.

#OpsHandsOn started when COVID19 caused a widespread panic to Singapore when the first confirmed case hit us. Panic buying began and there were profiteers who were jacking up prices of face masks and hand sanitisers during the crisis. As such, #OpsHandsOn was birthed to educate and reassure the elderly about the situation, and how we are working to get through to all of them.

We thank the team from Innotrek for journeying with us, FutuReady for 60 days, for believing in our collective mission and for making it happened.

#OpsHandsOn has also embarked on our follow-up called #ProjectME: Masking the Essential.

1,000 packets of 5 Masks have been set aside for individuals who need them.

  1. If you are a hawker or market stall holder or Taxi/PH Driver OR
  2. If you are sick or have medical conditions, in which Covid19 may pose a threat to OR
  3. If you are a Caretaker who is taking care of the sick at home OR
  4. If you are on self-imposed / government-directed Stay Home Notice (SHN) and are staying with seniors or someone who has a medical condition

If you meet any of the criteria above, do register and the team will send you a packet of 5 masks.

Due to stricter distancing measures, we will not volunteers to send by hand. You can send your request online and we will send out the masks by POST (snail mail), which will take some time to arrive in your letterbox.

If you know of someone who needs it and you have their address, you can apply on their behalf with their consent. Mail Postage & Masks will be on us!

This applies for the addresses in Singapore only.

Let’s all do our part and get through this together as a community!

#SGUnited #SGStrong #StrongerTogether

For more information, check us out at our Facebook or Instagram page !