Futuready Asia | #OpsHandsOn FAQ
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#OpsHandsOn FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Why #OpsHandsOn?
    • Mr Delane Lim, founder of FutuReady Asia, was sparked by “anger” at profiteers who were jacking up prices of face masks and hand sanitisers during the crisis. ” As such, #OpsHandsOn was birthed to educate and reassure the elderly about the situation, and how we’re working to get through to all of them.
  • What is #ProjectME?
    • ProjectME is a project where we give out a set of 15 masks and sanitizers to individuals who really need it, especially those that are more affected because of the new social distancing measures, might affect others around them who are more vulnerable to Covid-19.
  • Who are we giving masks and hand sanitizers to?
    • #ProjectME targets individuals who essentially need them such as those who are sick or have medical conditions that Covid-19 may pose a threat to them.
    • Caretakers who are taking care of sick at home
    • Individuals who are on self-imposed / government directed stay home notice and is staying with seniors or someone who has a medical condition

Didn’t answer any of your questions? You may drop an email to us at futuready.asia@gmail.com