Futuready Asia | #OpsHandsOn FAQ
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#OpsHandsOn FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Why #OpsHandsOn?
    • Mr Delane Lim, founder of FutuReady Asia, was sparked by “anger” at profiteers who were jacking up prices of face masks and hand sanitisers during the crisis. ” As such, #OpsHandsOn was birthed to educate and reassure the elderly about the situation, and how we’re working to get through to all of them.
  • Who are we giving masks and hand sanitizers to?
    • While we recognise that everyone requires these resources, #OpsHandsOn targets mainly senior citizens who may be unable to get their hands on the available resources.
  • How can I volunteer and do I have to commit fully?
    • You can sign up through this link ( https://tinyurl.com/OpsHandsOn), where there are available dates you can choose from!
  • What do I have to do as a volunteer?
    • As a volunteer of #OpsHandsOn, there are 2 different tasks that you can volunteer in. The first task, would be as distributors, in which you will be required to hand out hand sanitizers and masks to the elderly, educate them on our current situation, as well as, how the resources are beneficial for them. The second task, would be as packers, in which you will work together with other volunteers to prepare the hand sanitizers and masks for distribution the next day. For more information, visit our Standard Operation Procudures (SOP) page!
  • Can I volunteer on the weekends?
    • The situation is ever changing and evolving, please do accept updates in real time, through our Facebook page for the lastest updates on #OpsHandsOn. 

Didn’t answer any of your questions? You may drop an email to us at futuready.asia@gmail.com