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Straits Times Writer of the Week

Straits Times Writer of the Week

WHO: Delane Lim, 29, founder and chief executive of Agape Group Holdings.

MY FAMILY: My mother, 56, is a housewife and my retired father, 61, still drives a taxi to occupy his time.

MY HOME: I am living with my parents in a four-room flat in Sengkang, and will be moving to my new home in Punggol Field in a month’s time.

MY PASSIONS: Reading, interacting with young people, travelling and learning to fly, which is my latest hobby.

I STARTED WRITING TO THE FORUM PAGE: Only recently, when I was on hospitalization leave and thought it would be good to share my views with others.

WHAT I WRITE ABOUT: Government policies relating to youth, education, foreign affairs and business.

WHY I WRITE: I believe in sharing my honest, though not necessarily best, opinions. Especially on issues that affect our youth and value systems. I know the Government will consider my views and suggestions as long as they are beneficial to the next generation.

It is the heart, rather than the art, in writing.

I READ THE FORUM PAGE BECAUSE: It is interesting to read the letters of writers who “agree to disagree”. I acknowledge the differing views of each contributor and also those who may or may not agree with my views.

It is somewhat interesting to see two sides of the coin. By reading the Forum page, you also realize that being a policymaker is not easy as you can’t please everyone.

MY WISH FOR SINGAPORE: As we celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday, I hope we can build a country where people are empathetic and gracious, so we can forge an inviting and inclusive culture for the next generation, who will take care of our future when they become policymakers.

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